Jess C Leonard- Photographer
“Live life and the world will give you images”. That’s what i’m trying to do. I have lived as a professional photographer for nearly 20 years, I’ve photographed professional athletes, friends, corporate executives, dogs, products, food, architecture, nuns, cars, poor kids and fucking rich kids, among other things. All these images may not be on my website but are available upon request. I’ve also found myself working in museums, mowing lawns, painting houses, playing Billy the Kid in gunfight reenactments, kicking ass at horseshoe tournaments in Santa Fe, working in a Blacksmith shop, riding horses, climbing mountains and canyons, swimming in oceans, and having drinks with some of the most interesting people in some far off places. I hate promoting myself, bragging as to say; look what I did. I mearly want people to see what the world has to offer. It’s a grand place indeed. I got into photography because I’m a hyper-visual person and I can’t turn it off. Some might think me odd, and down-right creepy at times, luckily I care very little:) Enjoy your life!

Adidas/ Taylormaid Golf
Black Diamond Equipment
Barilla Pasta
Dante Alighieri Language Schools, Italy
Degree Deodorant
DeLaRonde Forge
Exxon Mobil
Gibbs Smith Publishing
Key Professional Media
New Balance
People Magazine
Playboy Magazine
Puma Golf
Salt Lake Magazine
Salt Lake City Weekly
University of Mississippi Medical Center